Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Before the year 1998 the entrance to the Colosseo was a free entrance, just like the ancient Roman ties, now with Coopculture corporation the entire Colosseo has become a museum and there is a fee to enter.

It is not possible to have a ticket only for the Colosseo area, that ticket is combined with Palatino and Roman forum.

We recommend you a visit inside with a local guide. The waiting time can be changed according to security check.

If we compare the Colosseo to the other monuments, this was built to last over centuries. The foundations are made in concrete, pozzolan and tufa stones - vulcanic stones, travertine-lime stone, and bricks for insider sections.

Who were the gladiators?

They normally were criminals, prisoners of conquered land, slaves, they were taught how to fight in the proper school, with Roman weapons, but normally in the school they used fake weapons made out of wood.

Those who won they had guaranteed freedom of life, for that it was worth trying.

According to some archeologists the gladiators were vegeterians, but more and much more you will learn with the guide.


Adults Kids*
* Children under the age of 17 years don't pay for the ticket

Adult Prices: 40.00

Tour lenght: Hours 2.00

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