Wine tasting tour


Wine tasting tour

Enjoying a walking tour with a wine testing stop at piazza Navona, hearing about Rome from a local English speaking guide in between testing sessions.
small group tour with no more than 14 ppl..staring from piazza Navona at 6pm.

According to Sofacle Bacchus - the god of agriculture and wine (from the Greek Dionysus) - was fascinated by our Italian country.
In the ancient time the Roman people was able to steal the secrets of winemaking and cultivation techniques from ancient Etruscans, Carthaginians and Greeks.
The Romans used and experimented different tecquinques:
- terraced cultivation;
- vine cultivation woven into the canes;
- fermentation of wine in terracotta pots.

In ancient Roman times the wine was diluted with water.
Plinio il Vecchio - a Roman Philosopher - mentioned that there were 80 different types of wine.
But the viticulture developped more during the mediaval age, where the wine was not more considered a drink for the Roman high class, but it became a drink for every class, plus it was not more diluted with water anymore.


Adults Kids*
* Children under the age of 17 years don't pay for the ticket

Adult Prices: 80.00

Tour lenght: Hours 4.00

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