Squares and Fountains of Rome


Squares and Fountains of Rome

Our tour starts from piazza Navona which was an ancient stadium built by emperor Domitian to accomodate athletic games.
Now Piazza Navona is a baroque  pearl. The fountain was sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the church by Borromini and the nearby Palace - Palazzo Pamphili - has frescos painted by Cortona; everything has an ornamental style typical of the early 18th century characterized by curvilinear shapes, exuberant decoration, forms suggesting movement, and dramatic effect - baroque style.

From piazza Navona we take a walk up to the Pantheon, a Roman temple built for all greek gods, rebuilt at the time of Emperor Hadrian between 118-128 aD. The dome of the Pantheon is the largest in Europe, that one of Saint Peter's Basilica is the tallest . The great hole at the top of the dome is 9 feet  in diameter and is the only source of light inside symbolizing the sun.

From Pantheon we stroll to Trevi Fountain, powered by an old Roman acqueduct. It is a gorgeous baroque fountain, you cannot miss it.

We can continue up to Spanish Steps - Piazza di Spagna - another baroque square with monumental stairway of 135 steps leading into the square t the top Trinità dei Monti with a visible 16th century church.


Adults Kids*
* Children under the age of 17 years don't pay for the ticket

Adult Prices: 40.00

Tour lenght: Hours 2.30

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