The Jewish ghetto tour


The Jewish ghetto tour

The Jewish ghetto is located very close to piazza Venezia, and Capitoline Hill, bordered by Botteghe Oscure, Via Arenula, Via Teatro di Marcello.

Our tour starts at the Synagogue... The Great Synagogue is the largest in Rome and possibly all of Italy. The first cornerstone was laid 1901 and the Synagogue was officially completed in 1904.

The Museum is located inside, opened in 1960, it dispalys silverware, textiles, parchments, and marble carvings from the collection of Jewish Community of Rome.

The Jewish area was once delimited by walls with two accesses to enter and to exit ordered by Pope Paul IV.
Life was very hard for the Jews at that time 1555... They had to follow a series of obligation to dwell within the ghetto and always carry a distinctive sign of belonging to the Jewish community, prohibition of exercising any type of trade with exception of rags and clothes, prohibition of owning real estate.

In October 1943 the Nazi sorrounded the neighborhood and caught over 1000 Jews by picking them by force from their homes. Then they were later loated on train wagons direction to Auschwitz, of 1023 deportees only 16 survived the extermination...

In the Jewish district is visible the Portico d'Ottavia, roman's ruins, dating back second century BC, belonging to Augustus emperor's daughter..
In the Mediaval Ages was used as large fish market, from there you can reach Marcello's Theatre where in the summer evenings you can enjoy classic music concerts.

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